Our Process


Preview of Vehicle

Our team reviews your vehicle. We look over the vehicle, drive it with you and evaluate the market value of the vehicle.



The team provides a market value range. We take marketing photos and estimate any issues.

The seller will have to bring their vehicle to safe standards at time of sale.

Collect the fee.



Teams market your car. We post it in all the best spots and address all interest in the vehicle. We find a buyer and verify their ability to purchase. We set up a time to show the vehicle. We take the buyer for a drive and answer any questions. We product a agreement to buy the vehicle.


Finalize the deal

We have the vehicle inspected and provide that info to both parties. We will sell the car in its current condition. Any safety issues will need to be addressed. We will verify payment and process the title documents. Funds will be provided to seller.

Let’s work together.

“Nap and Mark were amazing from start to finish. We couldn’t believe the incredibly innovative approach and the efficient client service all the way.”

— Perry Wiser , Spokane Valley

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